Miguel Angel Pouerie Jr ( born February 28, 1992 ) better known by his fans as “ELTALMICKEY”, is a Dominican-American singer and songwriter. Pouerie was born in New York City, but moved to his parents native country Dominican Republic at the young age of 13. While living in Santo Domingo he became the lead vocalist for his school chorus where he discovered his passion for music.

Influenced by artist like Sensato, The Weeknd, Arcangel, and Drake, ELTALMICKEY has written over 100 songs in his career. In 2014 he experienced a career-changing hit collaborating with Mark B and @Sensato on “Chapiadora” which reached over 5 million views on YouTube and SoundCloud. In 2015 he opened for all of “’s World Tour” presentations, broadcasting his music around the world. In 2016 his hit single “Otra Noche” reached more than 2 million streams on Spotify validating once again the quality of his music. 
 ELTALMICKEY is currently working on his new album “Trap and Roses” set to be released on every music platform in the end 2020, which promises to have best content he has yet to put out for his audience.